Monday, January 28, 2013

Annie's High-Low Skirt

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward Annie


Edgy Annie


Girly Annie

My favorite little fashion model, Annie, is studying in Scotland for the semester (I'm withholding the waterworks).  While over in the U.K, Annie purchased a nice little high-low skirt.  It was navy and white with vertical stripes.  She was having trouble styling it, so I thought I would lend a hand.  Here are three outfit ideas for Annie that will not only keep her looking good, but also keep her little self from not freezing.

Do you have a particular tricky item of clothing?  If you need help, I would be more than happy to help.  Send me an email or just comment below.

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  1. Hi Saw you on Better blogger and decided to visit.
    I love the look of your blog. Very pretty. I am your newest follower via GFC

    Hope you can visit sunny days are love and follow me back :))))

    Thanks, xoxo

  2. This is so great! I just might have some hard to style items, thanks for the offer!