Thursday, June 27, 2013

Georgie & Elaine and The Style Letters

Photographs by Kassey Sikora and Justyna Walker

Maria of The Style Letters, Rachel Novak of Shore Society, and Jessica Holdsworth teamed up with the lovely Georgie & Elaine for a photoshoot in the heart of Cleveland.  The ladies wear the clothes beautifully and look like they have emerged straight out of Sex and the City with those designer threads.  Maria wrote and featured a wonderful post about the shoot and G&E's current collection.  I would advise you to check it out; it makes me love G&E more and more with every word.  After reading Maria's post, I am reminded why, I too, am a G&E girl.  This brand is more than a brand.  The clothes are more than just clothes.  It's about reminding the every girl of where she's come from and where she has left to go.  It's about finding a love that will burn as hot as the sun and sustain through snow, sleet, and rain (which is fortunate considering Cleveland's weather history).  

G&E: Because love is never out of style.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Make Your Own Floral Crown

1.  Learn how to make your own flower crown!

2. Gather your ingredients: floral cloth wire, floral design wire, flowers of your choice, greens, and clippers.

3.  Measure the head of the person who will wear the wreath with floral cloth wire,

4.  Wrap the greens with one piece of continuous design wire around the cloth wire.

5. Trim extra stems.

6.  Try on wreath as you go, remove leaves that are out of place or anything that is sticking out too much.

7. Begin adding blooms.  Cut the blooms to your desired length.

8. Wire the blooms. Make sure you add wire to each individual flower to secure it in place.

9.  Now you have your finished product.  Enjoy!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit of the Week

Outfit of the Week

Have an event and nothing to wear?  Have a desire to get in touch with your edgy side? Take some cues from FUEL's (For   UnEnding Love) "Outfit of the Week".

Why it works:

The bold color of the Christian Wijnants skirt is complemented by the simplicity of its pleated design.  The bright yellow color is neutralized by the simple white t-shirt and the wardrobe staple leather jacket.  Simple accessories like white heels and a nude clutch add flair but don't overindulge the trendiness.  The spiked necklace by JOOMI LIM adds the finishing touch to the edgy outfit.  The mint colour of the beads on the necklace resemble a neutral when matched with the skirt's lemon hue.

Where to wear:

This outfit can be worn to a soiree where formal wear is rejected.  A fun dinner party or rooftop affair is ideal for the funky vibe this outfit is emitting.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Trend Watching: Serape Stripes

Serape Stripes

According to Ralph Lauren's Spring 2013 collection, the newest trend is channeling Southwestern desert chic.  Serape stripes are a certainly fun trend to try, whether it's a simple scarf or a full length dress (both of which are by Ralph Lauren).  Have a little fun; the more colorful, the better!
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alvin Ailey Company: Fashion Trend Setters?

Pictures and content from Refinery29
While we personally feel that the ideal costumes for Alvin Ailey dancers would require very little fabric, if any at all (can you say, “Most. Slamming. Bodies — ever?”), we still can’t wait to check out the latest ensembles designer Omotayo Wunmi Olaiya has created for the world premiere of Alvin Ailey’s “Four Corners,” opening tomorrow, June 12, at Lincoln Center.

“When [choreographer] Ron [Brown] presented his ideas to me, he spoke of a time of day, maybe predawn, where there is a stillness, but the air is not clear; it is hazy,” says the London-born, Nigeria-raised Olaiya, who now lives in Brooklyn. “The first image that came to me was gray, but not a dull gray, a gray that warmed with the light. I felt the design required texture to speak to that time of day.”

In the end, Olaiya’s biggest challenge designing for the performance, which tells the story of “four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds,” was “turning ideas into clothes that people can dance in.” She ultimately went with natural-hued, lycra-based fabrics in both solid and abstract prints that drape beautifully and evince “angelic warriors.”

“My inspiration begins with my understanding of the piece, then a picture comes like a daydream. I go back to Ron with my dream, and he says with a grin, 'Wow, Wunmi, that's what I'm talking about.'”

When asked if she was happy with her results, Olaiya responded: “Often we are asked for simple. Simple is a very complicated nuanced thing. There comes a point when I feel I've answered that simplicity…and yes, I am happy.”

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 9 Summer Accessories

9 Summer Accessories

If you're looking for a fresh new look on your multi-seasonal classic pieces, try adding these bright summer accessories to your look.  Here is what you can be looking for this summer:
1.Retro Sunglasses
2.Bangle Set
3.Hair Turband
4.Braided Belt
5.Bright-colored Watch
6.Straw Cloche Hat
7.Summer Earrings
8.Colorblock Bag
9.Statement Necklace

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ruffle Scruffle

Ruffle Scruffle

Ruffles: The epitome of girly fashion is making a non-80s-disaster comeback.  This comeback, particularly endorsed by Rachel Zoe, is complete with a hint of edge (for further proof, check out those Nicholas Kirkwood pumps above!)  To avoid looking like you jumped right out of the Renaissance, steer clear of over-indulgent ruffles.  Try pairing one ruffled-piece with a classic silhouette, fabric, or color.  If you're really feeling bold, try a ruffled accessory.  Moderation is key, however, with this trend.
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Friday, June 14, 2013

For your Posh Pops

Burberry "Dog" Cuff Links
Bose AE2 Headphones
Diesel "Little Daddy" Leather Watch
Jack Spade Davis Leather Briefcase

Father's Day is just around the corner.  I unfortunately will be away from my dad this year, as I am currently in Dublin, Ireland.  If you are still looking for a very luxe gift for a very luxe dad, here are some wonderful options for you.
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G+E Website Launch

Love G&E?  Of course you do!  Now you can purchase your beloved items straight from their site.  How perfect is that?!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dublin: Where the craic is mighty!

Here are snippets from my open top bus tour yesterday.  To check out more, follow me on instagram: @laurenswanson11
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