Monday, January 14, 2013

Trends of the Golden Globes

Last night, of course, was the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards.  A night where film and television stars dress in their very best and rub elbows with others in their field.  While I didn't watch the Globes last night, I did wake up this morning yearning for some red carpet fashion.  After checking the best dressed/worst dressed lists, I noticed some undeniable trends among the stars.  I have gathered a few of them here.  What did you notice from the Globes last night?

Ornate Gold Embellishments

I really am a fan of the elegance and vintage feel that the gold embellishments bring to these dresses.  First off, Helen Mirren looks absolutely amazing in her black Badgley Mischka dress with gold and silver chevron curves.  The way that the shapes accentuate her figure is really spectacular.  Secondly, Kate Hudson must be  superhuman.  It is unbelievable that she had a baby recently.  She looks stunning in her black Alexander McQueen dress.  The collar, however, is not my favorite.  I do appreciate the edge that it adds to the dress, but it makes me feel incredibly claustrophobic and draws the attention away from the rest of her dress and her beautiful face.  Finally, Michelle Dockery wore a white and gold Alexandre Vauthier dress.  At first I wasn't a fan of the gold top.  I thought it looked heavy and armor-like on such a feminine and petite woman. I was hoping for something that didn't include padding on the shoulders.  However, Dockery could look jaw-dropping in a dress made out of used tissues.  

I'm excited to see where this trend of gold embellishments, especially towards the face, leads.  I'm thinking Fall will have St. Joan of Arc-inspired dresses with a touch of Victorian charm.  Be on the lookout.

Nude and Beige Dresses

A source of a lot of my Golden Globes fashion-related frustration was regarding the overwhelming majority of beige and nude dresses.  While I love me a light pink or nude dress, there was just a lot of them that were entirely too similar.    The two I picked to showcase were quite beautiful.  Amy Adams rocks her Marchesa dress to a tee.  I love her hair and makeup especially, which increase the visual interest of her gown.  In addition, Kerry Washington also wore a beige gown, but her Miu Miu dress was unique to the others.  The 20's silhouette helped her swim in a sea of drowning nude, embellished ballgowns.  P.S props for wearing blue eyeshadow and not looking like an experimental middle schooler.   

50 Shades of Orange

Orange is my least favorite color.  I have never been able to wear it well.  These ladies however, excelled at wearing a color that can be tricky.  Jessica Alba, in my favorite designer Oscar de la Renta, made everyone want to own a matching feather clutch last night.  She made her melon dress so classic, it could be a neutral.  Between Jennifer Lawrence, in Christian Dior Haute Couture, and Zooey Deschanel, also wearing Oscar de la Renta, I prefer Deschanel's look better.  Maybe because I have seen Lawrence in much more stunning gowns and I know she can do better.  Deschanel's disjointed, green dress from last year is still fresh in my memory and therefore this is a major improvement.  Also, her nails were really cute too!  I'm hoping however, this orange trend vanishes quickly.  I can't do another season of tangerine.  I just can't.
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