Thursday, April 4, 2013

Call the Midwife

While the rest of the country is cooling off from "Downton Abbey" fever, I have been warming up to a lovely little BBC show called "Call the Midwife".  It's a deliciously indulgent mini-series that premiered its first (6 episode) season last year.  It is currently on its second season and has been commissioned for a third. 

The show takes place in the 50's (post-war) east-end of London.  It follows Jenny, a midwife for the Nonnatus House, and her fellow midwifes and nuns.  The show stars Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart, and is narrated by Vanessa Redgrave.  The show's plot is loosely based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, who passed away right before the first season aired.

The first series is available on Netflix and I say it's better than "Downton Abbey".   

Not only has this show been a wonderful tool for procrastination for me, it also has inspired my current fashion tastes.


Nurse Jenny Lee probably has the cutest style.  Whenever she's not in her midwife uniform, she's all about A-line skirts or dresses and sweater sets.  It actually makes me crave the days when wearing a dress wasn't considered "dressing up"

Call the Midwife: Jenny


Trixie, another midwife at Nonnatus house, is definitely the rebellious and sassy one of the group.  While she is above competent at her job, she also likes to sneak alcohol into the convent and enjoys matchmaking as a pastime.  Her sense of style is definitely on the more revealing end, when compared to Jenny Lee's.

Call the Midwife: Trixie

Midwife Uniform

"All women are courageous", a theme that certainly runs strong throughout the entire series.  The midwifes are constantly busy, but still happen to look effortlessly feminine in their strong roles.  I can't help but want to wear one of their baby blue dresses with white aprons every time I watch an episode.

Call the Midwife

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