About the Blog

Love never goes out of style; it’s more classic than the little black dress.  For Unending Love, a luxury fashion and lifestyle blog, was established to highlight and emphasize the icons of classic beauty.  A well-made, classic item of clothing is a wardrobe staple; it never goes out of style. And it has the qualifications to stay in your closet forever.  Its beauty is unending, similarly to that of love.  Through this connection of love and the staples that we will unendingly adore, the blog was developed-- developed to discuss the pieces of clothing we will never divorce.  Luxury and love are more than just a trend; they’re unending.      

About Lauren
Lauren has been making a (fashionable) name for herself in the world of media and journalism.  She began chronicling the ins-and-outs of the luxury living with her award-winning, style blog, For Unending Love.  Since the establishment of the blog, Lauren has become an internationally-recognized journalist with a specialization in celebrity news and the fashion industry.  Lauren is a contributor for Lucky Magazine as well as a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers.  She is currently writing and designing for VIP Magazine in Dublin, Ireland and has worked with celebs including Angela Scanlon (Vogue’s Fashionable One to Watch), Xposé beauty Karen Koster, and the Roses of Tralee.  Lauren graduated with honors from Wittenberg University with a degree in English, Dance, and Journalism.

Lauren is currently brand manager for Georgie & Elaine, a contemporary women’s wear brand that is representative of American Luxury and Contemporary Romance. You can find their classic separates and feminine dresses at www.georgieandelaine.com