Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mary and Richard

With all great love stories, there is a beginning.  The same goes for people.  My beginning is partly thanks to this beautiful couple.  They were young, and in love.  Their love story was enhanced by their love for their family.  Six kids and seventeen grandchildren.  

Before they met, he was going to study theology.  He wanted to be a priest.  The sight of her changed his mind.  And his future.  He gave up his career path, and chose a different area of study.  They married and moved from Iowa to Chicago.  They had six children.  They raised their family to be loving and generous.  Always curious and demanding of intellectual inquiry.  Like all couples they faced struggles, but never gave up on the love that they shared.   They lived a true American love story (and quite fashionably, I might add).      

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