Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heartbreak Castle

The story of Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951) is one of romance, heartbreak, and unending love.  When Edward's 16 year old fiance left him the day before their wedding, he moved from Latvia to Florida.  He thusly spent the next 28 years building a monument for her in hopes that she would return.

The castle itself is remarkable.  Its features include an accurate sundial, a Polaris telescope, an obelisk, a barbecue, a water well, a fountain, celestial sculptures, a giant heart-shaped table, 25 rocking chairs, crescent moons, a bathtub, beds, a royal throne, and an eight ton revolving gate that was balanced so precisely that a young girl could open it with the touch of her finger.

Edward's methods have mystified everybody, including modern engineers and Einstein.  The question remains, how could a man no more than 5 feet tall- working secretly only at night, guided by a single lantern- have possibly carved and moved pieces of coral rock weighing between 14 to 30 tons each?
Some speculate alien intervention, while Edward himself claims he "re-discovered the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian pyramid builders"

Sadly, Edward's fiance never returned.  Coral Castle in Miami, Florida still stands as a testament of his unending love for her.

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