Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Always a Princess, Never a Bride

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What is it about being a princess that is so appealing?  Is it the constant public scrutiny?  The familial pressure?  No, it's the romance.  It's the desire to wear dresses that look like cupcakes as you fall into a perfectly-positioned daybed.  It's ingrained in our souls as children that we should strive to become images of grace and beauty.  Nothing more than a figure-head.

But what if we could be beautiful, graceful, polite, and still do something amazing?  Can the two worlds meet?  Can you have power and be pretty?  Will you be taken seriously, or will you be told to "just stand there and look pretty"?  I believe that you are pretty when you have power.  When you are doing something groundbreaking, that's when you are most beautiful.  That's when your true self is exposed.  Princess and all.

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