Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where in the world?... Dublin, Ireland

World Travels: Dublin

Ireland: where the grass in greener, the food is better, and the people are nicer.  Dublin, the beautiful capital city of the tiny island (which is the size of Indiana), is where I am currently writing from.  I can honestly and completely say that I am in love with this city.  Aside from a few minor missteps in the beginning (who knew that they didn't give you plastic bags at the grocery store?), I am actually starting to adapt to the culture.  It's an amazing place that has such a respect for other ideas and opinions.  There is no age gap so it is common to see an old man and an adolescent sitting in a pub, sharing a drink.  

I'm in the gorgeous Fitzwilliam Square, which actually holds buildings which used to be Georgian homes.  My flat is amazing and is 10 minute walking distance from Grafton Street, which has to be shopping mecca here. It's fabulous.  

I think I was made for this city because all the women are dressed neatly.  They wear heels and dresses everyday and all day.  Not to mention, they are not afraid of any fashion risk.  They are willing to look very trendy and not care.  The best part?  Guys love the way the women dress neatly.  How perfect is that?!

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  1. I love Dublin and I love that dress!!!!!