Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit of the Week

Outfit of the Week

Have an event and nothing to wear?  Have a desire to get in touch with your edgy side? Take some cues from FUEL's (For   UnEnding Love) "Outfit of the Week".

Why it works:

The bold color of the Christian Wijnants skirt is complemented by the simplicity of its pleated design.  The bright yellow color is neutralized by the simple white t-shirt and the wardrobe staple leather jacket.  Simple accessories like white heels and a nude clutch add flair but don't overindulge the trendiness.  The spiked necklace by JOOMI LIM adds the finishing touch to the edgy outfit.  The mint colour of the beads on the necklace resemble a neutral when matched with the skirt's lemon hue.

Where to wear:

This outfit can be worn to a soiree where formal wear is rejected.  A fun dinner party or rooftop affair is ideal for the funky vibe this outfit is emitting.
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  1. I really love that skirt! This is a great outfit.