Thursday, June 27, 2013

Georgie & Elaine and The Style Letters

Photographs by Kassey Sikora and Justyna Walker

Maria of The Style Letters, Rachel Novak of Shore Society, and Jessica Holdsworth teamed up with the lovely Georgie & Elaine for a photoshoot in the heart of Cleveland.  The ladies wear the clothes beautifully and look like they have emerged straight out of Sex and the City with those designer threads.  Maria wrote and featured a wonderful post about the shoot and G&E's current collection.  I would advise you to check it out; it makes me love G&E more and more with every word.  After reading Maria's post, I am reminded why, I too, am a G&E girl.  This brand is more than a brand.  The clothes are more than just clothes.  It's about reminding the every girl of where she's come from and where she has left to go.  It's about finding a love that will burn as hot as the sun and sustain through snow, sleet, and rain (which is fortunate considering Cleveland's weather history).  

G&E: Because love is never out of style.
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