Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who is this Gatsby?

Vogue: October 1926
Vogue: November 1925
Vogue: May 1924
Vogue: August 1932
Vanity Fair: December 1928

With the luxury and the glamour of The Great Gatsby, many are becoming enthralled by the era of the 1920's.  While not everyone was "roaring", the fashion of the elite and privileged was certainly on-display on our iconic magazines.  The models and actresses that graced the covers of these publications epitomized the lasting memory of this era.  Gorgeous, independent, and dripping in magnificent jewelry.  The beauty of these images is hard to ignore.  The inspiration that one can draw from them is even harder to ignore.  So soak them up, throw on some fabulous jewelry, and always keep hope for that green light across the way. 

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