Monday, May 27, 2013

Future of Luxury Fashion: Chris Morton

Chris Morton, CEO and cofounder, Lyst

Love our discount sites as we do, when it comes to custom-curated experiences, intuitive interfaces, and the pleasures of sharing your discoveries with friends, well...let's just say not all e-commerce is created equal. Near the top of the chain is Chris Morton's Lyst, an online shop that resembles a rolling, constantly updated social-networking feed. There, each new "post" is a piece you'll immediately covet, and your "friends" are your fellow shoppers and the designers you love. Poke away.

Tech Support: “The tech world and the fashion world speak different languages. I mean, the tech worldappears to be super-rational. The fashion world appears to be super-emotional. But the truth is, both want to create amazing shopping experiences, and both are needed for a great customer experience. A good fashion e-commerce site should work at least as well as Amazon, but it should be a lot more inspiring. At the same time, it can’t just be lots of rich images (and music) without simple navigation and functionality.”

Crowd Sourcing: “We’re all inspired by friends, influencers, and magazines, and most of us tend to ask someone else’s opinion before we buy something — especially when it comes to fashion. If you see something that your favorite brand, magazine, or blogger has added on Lyst, it’s the same thing — instant validation that the product you’ve been thinking of is a great buy. There’s no way that could happen in a physical store.”

Back to the Future: “Now, online, we're returning to the original luxury experience — one that knows what we’re into, that’s customized to your style and is full of things you love. In the future, we’ll all shop from platforms that have been tailored to us. Really, we're only at day one of how people buy fashion online.”

Photographed by Eva K Salvi.  Content originally published from Refinery29
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