Thursday, April 11, 2013

Closet Envy: Miguelina Gambaccini

If you're a bit of a fashion hoarder yourself, you might recognize Miguelina Gambaccini's name — her super-feminine beachwear brand Miguelina is a favorite among beautiful people everywhere. And, her personal collection is equally impressive. We're not just talking clothes, either. From antique Buddhas to artwork and to-die-for furniture, this is a dream apartment for any space-strapped New Yorker. 

Among the mass of covetable goods is an extensive collection of Lanvin shoes, mountains of lace both vintage and designed for her upcoming bridal collection, and Anndra Neen jewelry and accessories, pictured here. "I consider them art," Gambaccini says, and we have to agree.

Of the impeccable organization, she says she owes it all to her housekeeper Bertha, but Gambaccini admits it's sometimes a bit much to manage: "You should've been here during Fashion Week — all my stuff was piled up in the bath tub!" But for now, everything is in it's place. "Whenever I go shopping, Bertha says, 'You don't need that. Tell me what you want to buy, and I'll find it in your closet.'" 

"I'm not a terribly materialistic person — I just love good design and I collect it," Gambaccini says. "My YSLs are some of my favorite pieces, and the first designer thing I ever bought was a pair of Versace loafers. I also own lots of nightgowns from the '30s...I guess I thought they were dresses; I wear them during the day!" 

More of her untamed piles of jewelry — hey, when it's that pretty, why hide it? 

Her weakness is Brian Atwood shoes, and she's been trying on high heels since she first borrowed a pair from her mom at the age of 6. But when shopping (often abroad), her motto is to just buy what's timeless, what she's totally in love with, instead of following trends. 

"This is one of my favorite items. I was going to so many masquerade balls a few years ago that I just said, 'Why keep buying disposable masks?' So, I got this metal one instead!" 

Content: Courtesy of Refinery 29
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