Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Closet Envy: Jackie Rose

Next, we hopped cross-country to meet Jackie Rose, a personal shopper and stylist living in the Bay Area. She was kind enough to provide cupcakes, Champagne, and as you can see, a lot of chiffon. Like Tessa, shopping was a childhood passion: "I remember very vividly my dad taking us shopping at Nordstrom. My sister and I would pretend we were walking down a runway! I must have been 5 years old. I remember in middle school, I would dress all my friends for dances."

"I love vintage fashions especially from the '20s,'40s, '60s, and '70s," Rose says. "I am a huge collector of vintage Chanel costume jewelry, so I have boxes of that. I also own a lot of long, flowy dresses from the '70s. I am in a dress every day." 

Her latest score? Vintage Miu Miu heels for $45! 

Some of that Chanel — including Rihanna's favorite vintage pearl sunglasses.

Rose says she's got so much stuff in her current inventory, she could go years without wearing the same outfit — but she's still strict when it comes to shopping. "I ask myself, “Can I live without this?” If the answer is no, then I purchase it. If I say “maybe” about an item when I'm in the store, I'm only going to have more doubts when I get home, so I walk away." 

If you're wondering who's bankrolling this operation, it's a result of careful saving and an investment strategy she calls a "win-win." 

"Most of my money goes back into pieces for styling or for photo shoots or for trunk shows, which is my business," Rose explains. I do trunk shows every three months, where I have sample sales on designer pieces that I've worked with but no longer need." And, as for a favorite piece — though it's hard to pick — she cites a pair of hot-pink Louboutins, specially created for a shoe store in Napa. 

Content: Courtesy of Refinery 29

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