Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meet the Team: Jeremy Brading

If you love something let it go, and if it returns then you will know

“Fashion is the part of a person’s personality that cannot be quantified or measured,” Jeremy Brading, singer for The Sons and G&E model, said.

Brading, who is from Brownsburg, Indiana, had the role of modeling for the spring 2013 shoot and also wrote the song a song inspired by the Georgie & Elaine collection.  The song, titled “Send Me Home”, will appear in the G&E video.

“I picked up a guitar right after [Ione Fuzzell] contacted me and within five minutes I wrote the whole thing,” Brading said.  “It is a song about love and how patient you must be if you want it to find its way into your life.”

Brading had always dreamed of becoming a rock star growing, citing a specific musical influence of Sammy Hagar.  As Brading looks back on his memory of Hagar, he remembers Hagar’s fashion sense as being particularly unique.

After Brading began working with the Georgie & Elaine collection, he started to recognize the similarities between fashion and music, his passion.

“Fashion is what describes the human conditions of a person’s soul,” Brading said.  “The same can be said of music, art, and film.” 

Brading finds inspiration for his music from timeless works of musical ingenuity, such as The Beatles.  In his sources of inspiration, Brading also is able to compare music to fashion.

“There are elements of fashion that will forever be timeless,” Brading said. “I believe that if you can cultivate those ideals which made those trends timeless into modern design, then you cannot fail as a designer.”

"Send Me Home" by The Sons
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