Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet the Team: Ione Fuzzell

Ione Fuzzell on location for the Georgie & Elaine photo shoot

Ione Fuzzell, Megan Filipp, and Devin Vandermass at the Georgie & Elaine photo shoot

Store bought doll clothes were never good enough for a young Ione Fuzzell.  When she was a little girl, she both designed and made the clothes that her Barbies wore.  These childhood tendencies were foreshadowing of what the future had in store for Fuzzell.

Fuzzell, born in Millersburg, Ohio, had a key role in helping the Georgie & Elaine line come to fruition.  She helped to both design and create the pieces in the upcoming Spring collection, which will premiere in April.

“Seeing the whole collection put together was really exciting,” said Fuzzell.  She also describes the collection as “fun, romantic, and stylish”.

In addition to Georgie & Elaine, Fuzzell will also start a position as an assistant designer for Abercrombie & Fitch in Columbus.  As a designer, Fuzzell finds inspiration from various sources.

“I look everywhere, people of the street, boutiques, [research], traditional garb, etc.,” said Fuzzell.  “Pinterest has become a great resource for inspiration as well.”

Someday, Fuzzell would like to design wedding dresses for Vera Wang Bridal, but for now she is very happy.

“I love [designing] and it makes me happy,” said Fuzzell.  “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”
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  1. How great! I love, love that hat.